1968 to 1971 was one of the most exciting eras in the history of hot rods. Muscle cars were relatively inexpensive, easy to modify, and loaded with power. And when the Maremont Corporation introduced the Cherry Bomb Glasspack in 1968 it became the standard bolt-on for true hot rod sound, power, and looks.

Since that heyday over 40 years ago, Cherry Bomb has expanded its muffler offering to include the Cherry Bomb Extreme, Pro, Elite, and Turbo mufflers, as well as their hi-tech, top-of-the line Chery Bomb Vortex. Cherry Bomb Mufflers are made with their own unique design for improved horsepower and distinctive sounds. Cherry Bomb also offers a wide range of cat backs, X- and straight pipes and exhaust accessories.

Cherry Bomb's policy has always been to provide quality products along with superior customer service. Ever since that first Cherry Bomb Glasspack, Cherry Bomb has continued to embrace the challenges of their ever-growing demand and look forward to continuing to provide exhaust parts to enthusiasts looking to "Disturb the Peace" once again!