Few things stay the same over time. Empires crumble, technology evolves, and fashion trends change with the weather. It seems that everything spoils eventually. However, Valley Industries is an exception to the rule. This California-based company has been providing the best Trailer Hitches and Ball Mounts on the market for over 60 years.

Founded in 1947, Valley Industries first started making hitches for California farmers so they could easily and safely transport their crops to market. Since then, Valley has expanded their operations across 48 states and opened a satellite in Madison Heights, Michigan to better serve the needs of their customers.

Valley's consistency of quality doesn't make their products any less innovative. Valley has remained ahead of the curve in terms of fashion, efficiency and safety for years, and these innovations aren't just limited to Hitches either. Over the years Valley has added just about every towing and hitch accessory under the sun to their catalog. Among the many components made by Valley some highlights include trailer balls, adjustable ball mounts, tow hooks, wiring harnesses, and variety of brake controllers.

Every Valley product is built on over six decades of engineering experience. The company's savvy design team is keenly aware of the needs of their customers. That's why every single one of their hitches, towing systems, and hitch accessories is tested to withstand daily wear and meet the high quality standards of towing enthusiasts.