A Corsa Exhaust System will give your vehicle tire-squealing power gains, a fiercely demanding tone, and even a boost in fuel economy. But thanks to Corsa's patented Power-Pulse RSC technology, the one thing you won't get is an annoying drone! That means you let out great sound when you lay on the gas, and enjoy a a comfortable resonance-free ride while cruising.

Corsa custom-designs each of their Exhaust Systems to work their best with your specific make, model, and year vehicle. Every application is thoroughly designed and excruciatingly tested to ensure optimum performance with your engine. Every Corsa Exhaust starts with corrosion-free, high-performance Stainless Steel tubing. This tube is mandrel-bent into shape for maximum flow and minimal power-robbing backpressure. The system is topped off with a Corsa muffler that uses reflective technology to phase out undesired resonance sounds while letting out your engine's sweet tone. The result: monster power, improved fuel economy, and an exhaust that roars only when you want it to.

Your Corsa Performance Exhaust System includes hardware and detailed instructions and is designed for an at-home installation with common tools. Best yet, Corsa backs your custom Corsa Performance Exhaust System with a Lifetime Warranty.