The AEM Hybrid Intake System is the only direct-fit intake system for Hondas and Acuras with engine swaps. This doesn't sound like the biggest deal in the world, unless, of course, you're in need of exactly this.

Until now, most people were stuck with buying the closest fitting intake system and then modifying it to fit their engine swap, sometimes damaging their investment or hindering performance by choosing the wrong unit. You'll never have to worry about that sort of thing again thanks to the AEM Hybrid Intake System. Reinforced tig welds on all brackets and fittings lend long life to this intake system, which features an air filter nearly 100% efficient without ever needing oil. Easy to install and designed to ease your mind, if you've been wracking your brain looking for the right intake for your system, rest assured that you have come to the right place. In short: your troubles are over!

The AEM hybrid intakes require no modifications for fitment, and they deliver the quality and performance you expect from such a great company. The AEM Hybrid Intake System is the answer to your prayers. Backed by Lifetime Warranty.