The Bully Dog RFI (Rapid Flow Intake) is an advanced airflow induction system that increases your engine's ability to breathe. The RFI replaces the restrictive stock intake, increasing horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency, as well as lowering exhaust gas temperatures. All this comes in an easy-to-install system that's custom-tuned to your vehicle.

By removing the stock air box, replacing it with a metal heat shield, and using a conical air filter you can maximize the air filter cleaning area and allow the engine to breathe easier. The Bully Dog RFI Air Intake features a fully-enclosed design that keeps hot air out of the intake stream. With more cool air rushing into your engine it can generate more horsepower and torque without burning excessive fuel. All RFI inductions use a lifetime reusable 4 layer cotton gauze filter. This design, combined with deep pleats, make these filters ideal for high performance use.

The Bully Dog Air Intake also works very well in conjunction with performance computer modules. Your performance chip may increase the amount of fuel going into the motor and therefore increase the amount of air flow you need. With the Bully Dog RFI under the hood, you'll get the most out of your tuned engine. Best yet, it installs in about 20 minutes using simple hand tools.