The Bully Dog 6-Position 4-Bank Chip puts tons of power right at your fingertips! Features 6 settings total: 3 horsepower boost settings at +50 hp, +75 hp, +100 hp, High Idle setting for cold starts, Valet setting with a 70 MPH limiter, and stock. Overheating is not a concern with your newfound power - the Bully Dog Chip keeps EGT up to 100 degrees lower than other performance chips. With the included 6-position switch you can access all of these options on the fly, whether you're looking to tow a heavy load or lay rubber.

The 6-Position 4-Bank Chip also features tranny-smart software which adjust shift points for smoother acceleration and limits horsepower when slippage is detected, thus preventing undue wear. As well, one switch position can be swapped out for an ignition-kill setting for added security. All this in a package that plugs in in minutes!

Your Bully Dog Chip is backed by a 1-year warranty.