Edge Juice Modules with Attitude monitors upgrade your truck's performance in massive ways. This sophisticated system has a little something for every truck owner, with the kind of performance gains available that will change the way you drive your truck.

It takes about a half an hour to install, but once you do so, you can add up to six levels of fully-adjustable power and performance when you use the Edge Juice. This programmer improves responsiveness, handling, and driveability. You will also notice fuel economy increases that will save you money at the pump. But we know what you really want, more power, and that is the most noticeable benefit of the Edge Juice: as much as 180 additional horsepower and 440 ft./lbs. torque, to be exact!

Your Juice programmer communicates with your engine's CAN-BUS data stream to receive all of your engine's vitals. By doing so, it allows you to monitor as many as 15 gauges all at once. It's not just in power, fuel efficiency, and handling that you'll notice differences, though: you will also enjoy enhanced engine safety monitoring (such as displaying exhaust gas temperatures and looking out for transmission slippage) and full performance testing capability. Even better, extra power through low RPMs means you can tow easier by virtue of having to downshift less. Your Attitude monitor is fully updateable via USB port, and all found error codes will be revealed and cleared so you can ensure your engine is running in tip-top shape.

Your Edge Juice will provide smooth and precise power in real time under any driving conditions. You need one for your truck, if only to see exactly of what it is capable with a little help from the Juice with Attitude. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.