Tap into the full high-performing potential of your engine with the Hypertech HyperPAC! It's a powerful tuner, runs full dyno tests, and monitors performance, all in one sleek easy-to-use unit.

Ratchet up your horsepower and clear diagnostic warning codes. Hook your car up to the dynamometer and enjoy a full parameter read-out. Prime your vehicle for the drag strip and keep a close eye on all performance parameters. The Hypertech HYPERpac lets you enjoy vehicle-specific tunes and easily cycle back and forth between them and your stock tuning. 8 easy-to-read gauges are available for your to read as you go, including up to 5 at one time. Do all of the above and more with full clarity thanks to the HYPERpac's 3"x4" touch screen display.

Full control for higher performance is yours with the Hypertech HYPERpac. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.