When your stock engine isn't good enough anymore, you've got to swap it out. When you do, guarantee a performance upgrade with Hedman Swap Headers.

Hedman Hedders' Engine Swap and Specialty performance exhaust headers make engine transplants much easier and more effective. These headers are routed to prevent interference with body and chassis components. Hedman Swap Headers virtually eliminate the need to bend or kink your new header, which will reduce the power production capabilities of your new performance exhaust headers. By maintaining consistent exhaust airflow, you can get wring fantastic performance from your new specialty engine without any reservations or trepidation. Guaranteed to resist corrosion and available with a variety of finishes, these Headman Swap Headers are the perfect compliment to your new specialty engine.

Make sure you get the performance you've been after. Hedman Swap Headers allow your new engine the full benefit of consistent exhaust flow.