A change of positioning can sometimes yield surprising performance results. Max out your torque for a variety of engine enghancements and performance improvements with Hedman TorkStep Headers.

Dynamometer tests prove that a strategically positioned change in the primary tube broadens your engine's overall torque curve. After installing Hedman TORK-STEP Headers, an engine can experience a "Torque Boost" in the 2800 to 3200 and 3600 to 4000 RPM ranges. This results in a solid, noticeable and pleasurable increase in low RPM towing and pulling power, increased recovery rates following gear shifts, and enhanced power during downshifts when passing. These gains come with no loss of torque during the mid-RPM range, either, guaranteeing a consistent ride. Hedman Tork-Step Headers work equally well on street-strip applications and trucks, and everything is built to last for ultimate durability.

Jack up your torque, whether you need extra towing help or simply prefer a better ride, with Hedman TorkStep Headers.