MBRP Exhaust Systems take your diesel or gas truck to a whole new level of performance. They are custom-engineered to supply your rig with neck-snapping horsepower gains as well as haul-enhancing torque. MBRP performance means a free-flowing design, quality materials, and growling rumble - MBRP Exhaust is the ultimate in performance truck exhaust.

MBRP Performance systems and MBRP Diesel systems are made with smooth mandrel bends that maintain a consistent diameter in the pipe for the highest flow possible. These pipes feed into a free-flowing muffler that enhances your performance and gives your truck a distinctive rumble without annoying drone noise. And to cap off the custom look MBRP Inc. includes mirror-polished stainless steel exhaust tips with most systems.

Choose from seven different series of MBRP Performance Exhaust Systems to suit your needs. Each are made with a different type of steel: T-304 Stainless has a high nickel and chromium content with the best corrosion resistance in the industry; T-409 Stainless is a low carbon steel with great corrosion resistance and high strength; Aluminized Steel is a high quality, cost-effective option with good corrosion resistance. Or choose the new MBRP Black Series, for sleek modern looks that last. Every series (except the off-road, muffler-less SLM Series) is 50-state smog legal and is covered with either a Lifetime or 3-Year Warranty.