The BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover is the newest generation of the folding, hard, multiple-panel tonneau cover. With the BakFlip G2 you'll enjoy the security of having a locking trunk for your truck, while still having access to your entire truck bed! The innovative BakFlip G2 folds completely forward and against your truck's rear cab giving you access to all of your truck bed without removing the cover.

The BakFlip is also easily removable. All you have to do is remove 2 wing nuts and since the cover weighs only 40 lbs, it's easy to move yourself! Additionally, the BakFlip WILL NOT INTERFERE with stake hole pockets on your truck, working perfectly with tie downs, side rails, overhead truck racks, and headache racks. The BAK BakFlip is also 100% weatherproof, unaffected by rain and snow. It also does not shrink or expand when the temperature shifts. The panels of your BakFlip G2 are built tough from dual ABS laminate over a honeycomb core that can shoulder up to 200lbs. of evenly distributed weight.

Optional Upgrade: Select the Standard BakFlip G2 model, or take your truck's functionality to the next level with the optional BakBox Folding Toolbox. This truck toolbox is a perfect match for your BakFlip G2. It's easy to handle and lightweight, yet remarkably strong. Check out more details on the BakBox here. (BakBox not available for all vehicles.)