Aries Oval Step Bars give your truck or SUV a lift in both convenience and looks. These thick-walled 4" steel nerf bars can handle all the impacts of daily use and abuse, and are topped off with molded polymer slip-free step pads for safe entry and exit. The extra width of these oval nerf bars gives you even more sure footing when getting into and out of your vehicle.

Aries Oval Step Bars are available in Standard edition as well as Canadian Deluxe, with welded end caps on Polished models and a custom streamlined step pad. Installing your Aries Oval Nerf Bars is a breeze, thanks to their custom bolt-on design. They bolt right to existing holes on your frame and all required hardware is included, so you'll be back on the road in no time.

Aries backs your Oval Step Pads with a Lifetime Warranty on Polished Stainless models, and a 5-Year Warranty for Black Carbon Steel models.

Note: Because every vehicle is different, your exact Aries Oval Step Bars may not look exactly as pictured. Certain features like bends, mounting locations, and end caps may vary slightly from the product descriptions. If you have any questions about Aries Oval Step Bars for your vehicle, feel free to call us at 800-663-1570."