You love to take your Jeep out and rough it up on the trails, but that doesn't mean it should take a beating when you aren't even driving it! The Rampage Jeep Cover keeps your baby protected from dirt, bird droppings, and the weather. It is custom-tailored with double-stitched elastic hems to hold tightly to your Jeep.

Your Rampage Jeep Cover is made from a breathable 3-Layer material. The Rampage 3-Layer Material features a unique diamond bond pattern that lets paint-ruining hot air and moisture escape while keeping rain and dirt out. It is made with a soft backing layer, a naturally water-repellent spun bond polypropylene center layer, and a UV-treated outer layer for full protection. Every Rampage Jeep Cover comes with grommets for use with an optional lock and cable for added security.

Keep your Jeep safe from the hazards of outdoor storage with the Rampage Jeep Cab Cover. Backed with a 90-Day Warranty.