Every Gibson Performance Power Exhaust System is designed, dyno and dynamically tested and precision fabricated to assure unmatched quality. Only the industry's finest components even qualify for our design and development program. For maximum power and torque over the widest power band, we manufacture a merging pressure single motorhome exhaust system, which allows your engine to operate more powerfully and efficiently than any other exhaust systems.

The superior quality of our Gibson High-Flow performance motorhome exhaust systems will provide you with increased hill-climbing and passing power, with more usable horsepower, improved acceleration, power and response, improved low and mid-range performance, increased torque, reduced back-pressure for cooler engine operating temperatures. Select between hot-dipped Aluminized Steel or 409-L Stainless Steel for the ultimate performance and durability! For motorhomes with long wheelbases (over 191") include the Gibson Motohome Extension Kit with your order.

Just because your vehicle is bigger and tougher than the average bear, don't assume that means the engine is as big and tough as it can be. You can have more power for a variety of new exciting purposes with a Gibson Motorhome Power Exhaust System.