At the forefront of the industry for a reason, the Superchips Flaspaq Tuner elevates your vehicle's performance in ways both great and small. It's been the industry's best-selling performance tuner for years for a reason: it gets results, for both you and your vehicle.

That raised performance starts with major gains in horsepower and torque. You'll also see improved fuel efficiency, increasing your vehicle's gas mileage to save you money at the pump. As for how specifically you can upgrade your performance, the Superchips FlashPaq Tuner lets you modify your vehicle's computer in each of the following areas: speed limiter, tire size, rev limit, DTC reader and multi-tune.

Better still, updating this tuner's programming capabilities could not be easier: just hook it up to your laptop or desktop computer and download the newest tunes and programs. An easy-to-read LCD screen helps you read and process your vehicle's performance improvements, and simple attachment to your vehicle's computer system lets you get going faster.

Simply put, the Superchips FlashPaq Tuner gives you the results you want, with higher performance guaranteed. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.