Make your truck or SUV stand out in the crowd with a Rampage LED Tailgate Light Bar. Its bright, attention-grabbing LEDs work with your running lights, brake lights, turn signals, and even reverse lights to grab the attention of drivers behind you. The Light Bar adds a custom look to your tailgate without breaking the bank - or wasting your weekend fumbling with tools.

The Rampage LED Tailgate Light Bar is a breeze to install. It mounts just between your tailgate and bumper with included adhesive foam tape. Don't worry about cutting and splicing wires - the Light Bar plugs right in to your factory lights with the included plugs. It even includes a flat four hitch connector if you want to use it on a trailer. Best of all, this LED light bar is 100% waterproof, with a new and improved sealing system that prevents moisture from collecting near sensitive electrical equipment. Electrical shorts are a thing of the past, thanks to a rigid, injection-molded cap that completely incapsulates your light bar's circuit board. Your LEDs will be brighter, longer, with no mishaps.

LEDs don't just look great on your truck - they actually make it safer, too. LEDs have a response time that's 200 times faster than traditional incandescent bulbs, meaning drivers behind you get much more time to see your braking intentions. The Rampage Tailgate Light Bar is available with red LEDs to indicate braking, as well as running lights and turn signal functions. It is also available with an extra set of white LEDs to work with your reverse lights.

Give your truck or SUV's style a boost with the Rampage LED Tailgate Light Bar!