Rule the streets with power and style with a Magnaflow Street Series Stainless Steel Muffler! With race-ready power, incredible durability, and head-turning shine, the Street Series Muffler with Tips takes your exhaust system to the next level.

Expect dramatic increases in power and performance with this powerful, innovative muffler. Magnaflow's engineers pulled out all the stops for the Street Series, resulting in a muffler with minimum restriction for maximum rubber-laying power.The MagnaFlow Street Series Muffler's Stainless Steel is polished from tips to the inlets, giving a shine guaranteed to impress. This muffler also offers a load of tip styles and inlet/outlet configuration options and sizes so that you can hook your ride up with a truly custom look guaranteed to get your noticed.

Go with the best in the business and turn heads everywhere you go thanks to the Magnaflow Polished Stainless Steel Street Series Muffler with Tips. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty.