Some say the part that isn't there works 100% of the time, and the Coverking Stormproof Car Cover is a perfect example. The Stormproof utilizes an amazing Japan-made material that blocks all the rain, snow, and filth you can throw at it - all without using any chemical treatments, coatings, or processes that would normally break down and quickly become useless. The Stormproof is also custom-designed to your ride with less seams than other covers for sleek, curve-hugging looks and fewer chances of leaks.

The breakthrough Stormproof fabric features microscopic fibers woven in a tight, unconventional pattern. The tight weave naturally resists water, ice, and harsh sun without being coated or treated with chemicals. The material is tough, yet soft on your finish and completely paint-safe. It is also very breathable, so heat and moisture can escape from under the cover. Best yet, the Stormproof material is very light and easy to handle for daily use and storage.

Coverking offers your Stormproof Custom Car Cover in many solid and two-tone colors, and backs it with a 1-Year Warranty.