Sometimes when you're offroad the only light you've got is your own. If you think you'll be in that situation, don't risk relying on anything other than KC HiLites. The 57 Series Long Range Light Kit is just what you need to shine the brightest, longest light on the situation ahead. Their durable housing, combined with a virtually unbreakable Lexan lens, makes the 57 a light that stands up to the hazards of the outdoors.

This complete kit has all the pieces you need to install a pair of Long Range 57 Series lights. Kit includes 2 lights, a pre-terminated relay with wiring harness, two KC light covers, lighted in-cab switch, and fully illustrated instructions for easy installation.

The KC 57 Series features a powerful 55-watt halogen bulb mounted in a large, durable 5"x7" composite or steel housing. Choose Black Plastic, Chrome, Black Chrome, or Stainless to match your vehicle's style and personal taste. The 57 Series is perfect for building your own custom light setup, or to supplement or replace your sub-par stock lights.

KC HiLites backs your 57 Series Long Range Light Kit with a 23-year warranty.