You've seen them on trucks for years, the classic sign of a savvy off-roader. It's not just the jacked up suspension or the colossal tires that got you, it was that row of funky yellow circles with "KC" written across them.

KC Round Light Covers are still available today in that classic style, as well as many other designs. From the classic KC to the Daylighter smiley face to the stars-and-stripes KC and more, there's a cover to fit your style.

The KC Cover is designed to fit 5", 6", and 8" round KC lights such as the Daylighter, HID, SlimLite, and others. These covers will also fit lights of the same dimensions from other brands, in case you only want to make it look like you've got the best lights in the industry.

Your KC Round Light Covers are made of tough composite plastic to hold up to all the hazards of the road and trail. Covers are also available in thick, flexible vinyl that absorbs impact very well. KC believes in their light covers as much as their lights and hardware, and backs them with their 23-year warranty.