Bestop presents a revolution in running board technology - the PowerBoard. The Bestop PowerBoard is a fully automated, heavy-duty side step that extends out to a convenient height within one second of opening your truck's door. When not in use, the PowerBoard retracts under your vehicle, flush against the rocker panels. The Power Board provides easy access to your vehicle when you need it, without the permanent, utilitarian looks of traditional side steps.

The Bestop PowerBoard is wired to your truck's factory door sensors. When it receives an open door signal, it activates the motors to extend the step down and outward by 10 to 12 inches. Within one second, you have an ergonomically friendly stair-like running board that makes stepping into and out of your truck much more natural than traditional side steps. Even children can easily get into the tallest trucks. When the door is closed, the Power Board receives the signal to retract invisibly into a concealed pocket behind the rocker panels. When retracted, you can't tell it was ever there!

The Bestop PowerBoard is built for maximum durability and performance in all extremes. It is built from rust-resistant, OEM-quality materials to withstand rain, snow, salt, and rocks. The anti-pinch, encased weatherproof Power Step motor is tested to perform in temperatures ranging from -40 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The running board itself is made from painted aluminum and supports up to 600 pounds.

The fully automated Bestop PowerBoard Running Board is made of the highest quality materials to bring you the most convenient, effective, and attractive access to your vehicle. Bestop backs your PowerBoards with a three-year warranty.