The Hellwig Auto Level System is a fully automated suspension height adjustment system. With this system your vehicle will always be set at a ride height of your choosing. The Auto Level System senses how your cargo or tow loads affect your height and adjust accordingly, maintaining your ideal steering and control.

For example, if you select an 18-inch rear bumper height and place a heavy load on the vehicle or hitch, the bumper will drop slightly. Upon dropping the Auto Level's height sensing valve system detects the height change and begins to inflate the Hellwig Air spring. Almost immediately the air spring compensates for the height change, returning the bumper to the preset 18-inch height. Conversely, when you remove the load and the bumper lifts back up above 18 inches, the Auto Level's sensor valve will "deflate" the air spring until it returns to the set height.

All Hellwig Air compressor kits come with all the components you need for proper installation, including instructions, mounting hardware, hoses, brackets, valves, and wiring.