The BedRug is a true "magic carpet" for your truck bed. This innovative truck bed liner system is made of 100% plastic, yet has the luxury look and easy feel of carpet. It is more durable and protective than drop-in or even spray-on liners, and installs and removes in a snap. Simply put, the BedRug Truck Liner is the best thing you can do for your truck bed and your cargo.

The BedRug Pickup Bed Liner offers a soft, plush surface to hold your cargo. The carpeted surface will keep your loads from sliding around in transit and protect your cargo from scratches and dings. It is soft to the touch and unlike hard bed liners it has no "ribs" or had surfaces to hurt your knees when crawling around in the truck bed. The BedRug's thick carpet also acts as a shock absorber, protecting your factory bed from impact dents and damage. In fact, the surface is so soft it makes a comfortable seat for tailgating or even a bed for camping!

Don't let the soft, luxurious carpet feel of the BedRug surface fool you - this liner is seriously tough. It is molded from 100% polypropylene plastic, making it durable enough to withstand even the toughest loads and spills. Bleach, gas, battery acid, and oil are no match for the BedRug - simply give it a hosing or power washing and you'll be good to go! It will not absorb water, so moisture can either run through the BedRug zippers and through the bed drain holes or dry off in the sun. A special built-in tailgate hinge keeps small debris from falling between the bed and tailgate, putting an end to scratches, dirt and crushed rocks in your tailgate. The BedRug Pickup Bed Liner is also impact-resistant and can take any firewood, scrap metal, or concrete load you dump on it.

Unlike permanent spray-on bedliners, the BedRug installs and removes quickly and easily. And unlike weak drop-in liners, the BedRug is durable, soft, and pliable. It is custom-molded to fit the bed contours of your make, model, and year truck for a perfect, snug fit that won't change through the seasons. Because of the BedRug's custom fit, you have full access to your OEM bed tie downs.

The BedRug is made to last through the toughest treatment and continue to look and feel great. Your BedRug is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

(Note: some custom tie-downs will be blocked by the BedRug, possibly requiring it to be cut. BedRugs that have been cut can not be returned.)