B&G Suspension Systems carries 150 years of spring design and 40 years of shock design with their name. This unmatched level of experience has informed B&G with the development of their S2K Sport Suspension Kit. The S2K is a harmoniously designed complete suspension system that offers you the best in performance and ride quality. Both the Sport Springs and Shocks/Dampers are engineered to work with each othe to bring you reduced pitch and roll, reactive handling through rough terrain, and a superb, stable ride at high speeds.

The S2K Sport Suspension Kit begins with B&G's Sport Springs. These CNC coiled Chromium-Silicone springs feature high-durability construction and a progressive spring rate design that maintains ride quality through changing loads and turns. B&G springs are individually computer tested to stay within tight tolerances, giving your suspension even, consistent performance from corner to corner.

The shocks and dampers in the B&G S2K Sport Suspension Kit are built with a secure gas charged twin tube design. This design makes the shocks capable of multi-staged compression and rebound valving. This versatile design vastly improves your handling in tighter turns, immediately softens your ride over rough surfaces, and brings the joy back into high-speed driving.

Your B&G S2K Sport Suspension Kit is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.