Eibach now offers the same technology they use in their Formula 1 racecars for the street! The new Pro-Street series of Coil Over Shocks lets you quickly adjust your ride height and corner weight on each wheel, providing you with incredible flexibility to tune your ride for the street and the track.

With decades of experience in world-class racing, Eibach knows how to develop a flexible, high-performance suspension system. Eibach Pro-Street Coil Overs feature springs and dampers based on their ERD Racing Damper and ERS Racing Spring technology used by race cars all over the world. The Pro-Streets' true progressive spring rate gets stiffer as you push them to the limit. Depending on the application you can adjust from 0.8" to 3 whole inches of drop. Best yet, all this comes in a rust-free, Stainless Steel design that looks killer behind your spokes.

Eibach tunes their Pro-Street Coil Overs to precise tolerances at the factory, taking the guesswork out of installation. Just bolt them on, set your alignment, and you're ready to go! Eibach backs your pro-Street Coil Overs with a 2-Year Warranty.