Maximize your suspension with Sport Rite Air Helper Springs from Firestone. Sport Rite Springs sit between the frame and suspension of your light truck, SUV, or van, and use air pressure for load support. The Sport Rite Air Helper Spring kit maximizes your safe load carrying capacity, as well as improves your stability and ride quality under any load.

Firesone Sport Rite Air Helper Springs feature a unique tapered design that supports up to 3,000 pounds per set. Their dynamic ride characteristics adapt to your load and road conditions, vastly improving your towing and hauling control. With better stability and less suspension fatigue and bottoming out, your Sport Rite-equipped vehicle will ride significantly better in all conditions. Best yet, Sport-Rites are specifically designed to install easily to your factory suspension and include all the hardware you need to bolt on and get going. Firestone backs your Sport Rite Air Helper Springs with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

*NOTE: Sport-Rite Air Springs do not increase the load-bearing capacity of your vehicle. Never exceed your vehicle's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).