You don't need to wake the neighbors just to get some extra power under the hood. Flowmaster's engineers have unlocked the secret to boosting your power and performance without adding excessive noise. The Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System offers the same huge power gains as their American Thunder systems with a more comfortable cruising tone.

Flowmaster Force II Exhaust Systems immediately add a 5-10% boost in acceleration, as well as up to 2 more miles per gallon. The feel under your pedal is just like Flowmaster's famous American Thunder exhaust. But once you hit cruising altitude you get a mellower, more muffled sound. That sound comes courtesy of the chambered Flowmaster muffler, which deftly tunes out drone without losing exhaust flow. The Force II Flowmaster Exhaust System is crafted with mandrel-bent aluminized steel pipes and most systems are finished off with a polished Stainless tip.

Flowmaster, Inc. includes all the hardware you need for installation, as well as easy instructions that help you bolt most systems on in under an hour. Your Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System is covered by a three-year warranty.