Keep your night driving safe and convenient with a Gentex Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with HomeLink. This mirror detects bright lights and automatically dims the reflection. You see a clearer and more detailed reflection, and your drive is safer and less fatiguing. Best yet, you get HomeLink controls right on the mirror. With HomeLink you can conveniently control garage doors, gates, and house lights without the clutter of hand-held transmitters.

The Gentex Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror utilizes electrochromatic gel sandwiched between two layers of extra-clear glass. When light hits the mirror's sophisticated sensor it triggers an electric current to the gel, causing it to dim. The dim level is proportional to how bright the glare is, so you always have the right brightness.

Your Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirror With HomeLink is available with a compass display or compass with temperature display. Gentex designs their mirrors to match your vehicle's factory style for a seamless look.

Choose a Gentex Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with HomeLink - because safety is no accident.

Note: Due to their wiring design, Gentex Mirrors are not designed for use on convertibles.