If you need to put a little lift in your ride, look no further than Daystar. A Daystar Comfort Ride Lift or Leveling Kit will give you the lift you need to fit big offroad tires or level the nose-drop rake on your front end. You can also raise your front end back up if it's been weighed down by a heavy winch or bull bar. You get all this while maintaining your stock ride comfort, and at a fraction of the cost and hassle of a full suspension system.

Daystar takes pride in their motto: "Driven By Design." Each of their Comfort Ride Kits is designed to fit the suspension on your specific make, model, and year vehicle. They've rigorously tested each and every design for top quality and performance, as well as a perfect fit. Your Daystar Comfort Ride Kit seamlessly integrates into the stock suspension, providing you with the most natural handling and ride comfort possible. The Comfort Ride's polyurethane material withstands grease, oil, and other road gunk far better than rubber, providing you with a lifetime of reliable service.

Your Daystar Comfort Ride Leveling/Lift Kit is made to last a lifetime, and is warrantied for as long as you own your vehicle.