Enhancing your vehicle's braking force used to mean adding oversized rotors, which requires also adding huge wheels to fit them. Your other option is to add stronger calipers into the mix. The SSBC Big Brake Kit utilizes factory-sized calipers to fit in your stock wheels, enhanced with huge pistons that grip hard on the rotors for monster stopping power.

The SSBC Big Brake Kit comes with every component you need for a complete brake overhaul. The Big Brake's cast iron calipers have pistons that are up to 20% larger than on your stock brakes. The included brake pads and rotors are formulated for serious bite with minimal dust, noise, and warping. Plus, most applications include Turbo Slotted Rotors that vent gas and heat for even better braking with longer life and minimal brake fade. For great rust and corrosion resistance, choose a kit with Xtra Life Plating on the rotors. The SSBC Big Brake Kit also comes with all the hoses, bearings, seals, and hardware for a full installation.

SSBC backs your Big Brake Kit with a 1-Year Warranty.