The Taylor Cable Helix Power Tower represents a true breakthrough in throttle body spacer technology. It is expertly engineered for optimized air breakup and turbulence, which translates into higher fuel burn efficiency. The result: gains of up to 22 HP, 25 pounds of torque, and even up to 4 miles per gallon.

Throttle body spacers are designed to cause turbulence in your engine's air flow to promote a greater air/fuel mix. However, many inferior spacers aren't properly designed, resulting in a spacer that whistles annoyingly while at work - if it works at all. Taylor Cable tests their Helix Power Tower spacers on the dyno and flow bench to ensure the best possible air turbulence for true power gains and quiet performance.

The Taylor Cable Helix Power Tower is crafted from solid, heat-treated billet aluminum. The machining is done on the most advanced CNC equipment available and every plate is held to extremely rigorous manufacturing standards. This ensures that every Helix Power Tower is the best throttle body spacer on the market.

Your Taylor Cable Helix Power Tower Throttle Body Spacer comes to your door as a complete kit, including all the gaskets, hardware and complete instructions you need for an easy, bolt-on installation. The Helix Power Tower installs in as little as 45 minutes. Plus, it's 50-state street legal, so you can take your new performance anywhere in the country.