Bump up your ride's power and performance, and "Disturb The Peace!" The Cherry Bomb Exhaust System comes with everything you need to install a high performance exhaust system - without welding. It's made with fully aluminized steel for long life and uses mandrel bends for ideal flow and power.

Depending on your vehicle, choose from a variety of muffler options for your Cherry Bomb Exhaust System: Vortex Mufflers are reversible for a variety of installation positions and boost power with a moderate tone. The standard-sized Pro Muffler lets out a medium-loud exhaust tone with high performance for cars and trucks. And if it's a real peace-disturbing scream you're after, Cherry Bomb's loudest Extreme Muffler delivers an intimidating growl with high flow.

The complete Cherry Bomb Exhaust System kit includes stainless steel tips as well as hangers, clamps, and complete instructions. Choose from a selection of outlet styles (depending on vehicle) to fit your style. Be a part of a classic muscle car tradition and bolt on a Cherry Bomb Exhaust System!