Give your ride the performance and power of Flowmaster without the loud interior resonances. The Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow Muffler is designed to increase horsepower and torque to your dual exhaust or modern performance car with a milder tone. It's all the classic Flowmaster power you demand with a quieter ride on the inside.

Flowmaster builds your 40 Series Delta Flow Muffler from either Stainless or Aluninized Steel for supreme corrosion resistance, with fully mig-welded construction for high durability. The 2-chamber design of the Flowmaster 40 Series features their exclusive Delta Flow engineering. The advanced Delta Flow design uses precisely located deflectors that increase exhaust scavenging for optimized power while muting the interior sound. The result: added power under your pedal with a quieter, more comfortable interior ride. Multiple materials, configurations, and sizes are available to make sure that you get the absolutely perfect Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow Muffler for your vehicle, no matter what it is.

Get the performance you crave without the noise you'd rather do without. A Flowmaster Mufflers 40 Series Delta Flow Muffler proves that sometimes you do get to eat that cake. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.