SUVs gained their popularity with big capacity and bigger strength. With that increase in size comes the need for a bigger muffler to handle all that power. Flowmaster fills this need with the Flowmaster 50 Series SUV Muffler.

The core of the Flowmaster 50 Series SUV Muffler is it's H-shaped 3-chamber design. It is specially designed to tune out interior resonance for a quiet, smooth ride. The larger size of the 50 Series SUV Muffler is designed to accommodate the high displacement of larger modern SUV engines. It's built from 16-gauge aluminized steel, with all mig-welds for top-notch durability. A variety of inlet/outlet positions and sizes are available to ensure that you get the perfect-sized muffler for your specific system. Not just for SUVs, either, these Flowmaster 50 Series Mufflers also work with a variety of high-powered trucks, muscle cars, and other dual exhaust systems.

The market revealed a need, and Flowmaster delivered. Hook your SUV up with the increased performance it deserves thanks to the Flowmaster 50 Series SUV Muffler. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.