PIAA 540 Series Driving & Fog Lights come in a slightly smaller package but provide full-sized lighting power. These 5" round lights are perfect for small and mid-size SUVs and trucks that need extra fog or driving light. Plus, their stamped steel housings are ready to handle the hazards of the road.

Choose between fog or driving bulbs with your PIAA 540 Series Lights. Fog lights utilize PIAA's own Plasma Ion amber light bulbs for great visibility even in heavy fog. Driving lights feature powerful Xtreme White bulbs that project a long-distance beam at night. The 540 Series housing measures a shallow 2 1/2" deep, letting you mount them in even the tightest areas. PIAA includes a pre-assembled wiring harness, relay, and in-cab switch to make installation a cinch. Two black mesh light covers finish off the package with strong lens protection and classic PIAA looks.

Your PIAA 540 Series Light Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.