Everyone knows how important it is to have ample low-beam headlights in fog conditions, but what about the rear end? Adding a rear-mounted fog light makes you more visible to drivers behind you, especially in poor weather. The PIAA Deno 3 Rear LED Fog Light provides ample lighting power to cut through the rain, snow, and fog for safer driving in any situation.

PIAA Deno 3 Rear Fog Lights harness the power of 12 high-intensity red LED bulbs. The clear reflector compartment focuses the light into a powerful beam and adds a modern Euro look to your vehicle. The PIAA Deno-3 is built in an attractive chrome housing that looks whether your vehicle is stock or tricked out.

Your PIAA Deno 3 Rear LED Fog Light includes all the hardware, wiring, and instructions for an easy and complete installation. Backed by PIAA's Lifetime Warranty.