If you live for the thrill of taking tight, fast corners in your vehicle, the Eibach Pro-Plus Kit is for you. The Pro Plus Kit includes legendary Eibach Pro-Kit springs with matching Anti-Roll Kit Sway Bars. Experience improved handling, more precise turns, and a lower stance, at about 10% less than you'd pay for individual parts.

The Eibach Pro-Plus Performance Handling Kit begins with a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs. The Pro-Kit lowers your vehicle's center of gravity, cutting down on body roll, squat during acceleration, and hard nose-dives while braking. A lower stance also improves your aerodynamics, giving you a higher top speed and often improved highway gas mileage.

The perfect complement to the Eibach Pro-Kit is a set of matching Eibach Anti-Roll Kit Sway Bars. These bars further tighten up your handling by giving you higher roll stiffness and better balance. Whether on the track, highway, or street, you'll have better turn-in response and cornering grip, as well as quicker stopping and a more aerodynamic stance.

Installing your Eibach Pro Plus Kit requires no modifications - simply bolt it on, set the alignment, and tear up the track. Plus, it's backed with a Million Mile Warranty, ensuring a lifetime of excellent handling and performance.