DC Sports Turbo Manifolds are tuned and tested to pull the absolute best performance out of your racing vehicle. Extensive research, design, and testing goes into every DC Sports Manifold to ensure ideal flow and fit. They are specifically designed and built to handle the higher operating temperatures of turbo applications for winning performance with every race.

DC Sports Turbo Manifolds are crafted from 100% T304 Stainless Steel. Their pipes are CNC mandrel bent, which maintains a consistent diameter through the bend for maximum flow. The DC Sports Turbo Exhaust Manifold's dimensions are taken with a non-contact digitizing scanner to ensure a perfect fit. Flanges are robotically welded to the header pipes, and flange-mating surfaces are machine-ground to ensure leak-free seals.

Take your turbo-equipped race vehicle to the max with a DC Sports Turbo Manifold! Not street legal - for racing/off-road use only.