Dress up your dash with plush velour. The DashMat VelourMat Dashboard Cover has a luxurious look and feel and offers reliable protection for your dashboard. It's available in a wide range of colors to suit your interior in style.

Your DashMat VelourMat Dashboard Cover is custom-formed to perfectly fit your year, make, and model vehicle. Its high-quality material is colorfast and durable, and won't shrink or change shape in shifting temperatures. The VelourMat is non-reflective, eliminating annoying or hazardous windshield glare. Plastic dashboards can suffer from Plasticizer Migration, where gases leak from the dash and fog up your windshield. The DashMat VelourMat blocks these gasses, keeping your windshield clear.

Protect your dashboard from cracking, warping and discoloring, and protect the resale value of your vehicle with a luxurious DashMat Velour Mat. Backed by a One-Year Warranty.