Suede leather gives your vehicle the look and feel of luxury. The DashMat SuedeMat covers your dashboard with a high quality material that looks and feels just like suede. The SuedeMat is not only luxurious - it guards your dashboard from damage from the hot sun.

The DashMat SuedeMat is custom-tailored to fit your vehicle's interior contours. It's available in Black, Gray, Smoke, or Beige to match most OE interior trim. The Dash Mat SuedeMat is non-reflective, eliminating windshield glare that can be distracting and dangerous. It also blocks gases from rising up from your dash. This phenomenon, known as Plasticizer Migration, fogs up and damages your windshield. With a DashMat SuedeMat on board, your dash and windshield stay clean and intact.

DashMat backs your luxurious SuedeMat with a Two-Year Warranty.