Store your gear in a rugged, secure toolbox without sacrificing precious bed space. The Deflecta-Shield Challenger Narrow Width Low Profile Toolbox takes up little room in your bed while providing a safe place to keep your tools. Its low-profile design also gives you 50% more rear window visibility compared to traditional truck toolbox designs.

Deflecta-Shield Challenger Truck Toolboxes are crafted from heavy-duty diamond plate Aluminum with a sturdy 3-piece design. The lid is infused with foam for extra strength and to muffle noise coming from inside the toolbox. Gas struts make opening the box easy in any season, and the Deflecta-Shield Challenger's stainless handles lock up for security and peace of mind.

Preserve your bed space and keep your tools secure with the Deflecta-Shield Challenger Narrow Width Low Profile Tool Box. Backed by a 1 year Warranty.

Note: Measure your truck bed before ordering. Choose your toolbox based on the length from wheel well to back of cab, height of your side walls, and the distance between side rails. See Dimensions Diagram