Spills and mud can make a big mess out of your cargo area or trunk floor, but not with the Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liner. This Lloyd Mats rubber cargo mat boasts a unique dimpled design with small cups that trap liquids, mud, and other debris and keep them from spilling onto your carpets. Every RubberTite Cargo Liner is custom-fit to your exact vehicle for edge-to-edge protection.

No need for oversized channels or outer walls - the Lloyd RubberTite design does all the liquid-trapping you need while keeping a low-profile design. The dimpled design not only protects your floors - it adds extra grip to keep your cargo from sliding around. Carpet-grabbing spikes on the underside of the mat keep it in place, even with heavy cargo sitting on it. And when your Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liner gets dirty, simply hose it off and it's good as new.

The Lloyd Rubbertite Cargo Liner is custom-designed to your exact vehicle to ensure full coverage and maximum protection to your trukn floor or cargo area. It's made with pride in the USA by Lloyd Mats and comes backed with a Lifetime Warranty.