Tokico HP Shocks (also called "Tokico Blues") are a cut above other shock absorbers. They boast several unique features that give your ride superior handling, ride quality, and stability. Add Tokico HP Shocks to your vehicle for instant performance gains, whether you drive a souped-up street racer or go stock.

Friction is the enemy of smooth suspensions, and Tokico goes all out to battle it. Chrome-plated, micro-polished hardened piston rods make for smooth operation. The piston rod guide features a Teflon-coated bushing, minimizing dynamic friction and keeping the piston fast and unrestricted. Tokico Blues include a variable aperture valving system that precisely controls damping relative to the piston speed. This dynamic response improves tire adhesion, handling, and compliance. They're great for the sports car enthusiast looking to improve their handling and for the daily driver looking to make the family car safer and more fun to drive.

Smooth out your ride with the high quality of Tokico HP Shocks. Your Tokico Blues are built tough and backed with a Lifeime Warranty.