If there's one thing that shortens the life of your brakes, it's heat. Keeping your brakes cool not only helps them last longer, it makes your pads bite harder and perform better. Power Stop Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors rise to the occasion with a combination of holes and slots that lower temperatures and put significant performance behind your brake pedal.

Power Stop Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors are optimized for the high braking demands of spirited driving, stop-and-go traffic, and emergency braking situations. Holes in the rotors maximize airflow across the braking surface, dissipating heat and letting brake dust escape. The holes are meticulously engineered and patterned to your exact vehicle based on Power Stop's vane structure analysis. The holes are counter-sunk, providing a smooth pad-to-rotor transition and minimizing the risk of fractures and stress risers.

The vents on your Power Stop Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors further enhance your brake performance. Water escapes the rotor surface through the holes and vents, enhancing your wet weather brake performance for better all-season control and safety. Brake dust, and gases pass through the holds and escape through the slots, keeping the rotor surface clean and cool while eliminating brake fade. These vents combine with the cross-drilled holds for for a cooler, stronger braking surface - on a vented Mustang they run between 50 and 200 degrees cooler than stock rotors.

Power Stop custom-crafts your Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors to your exact vehicle for a perfect OEM-replacement fit. They bolt right in place of your stock rotors, with no modifications. They're coated with a silver or gold zinc dichromate that blocks rust and oxidation for years of good looks and great performance. Your Power Stop Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors are backed by a 3 Year/36,000-Mile Warranty.