Tokico Illumina Shocks let you fine-tune your ride to perfection, whether you want to smooth out your street feel or enhance your racing performance. Its sophisticated five-way adjustment system sets up your car for a wide variety driving situations. Tokico Illumina Shocks feature some of the most advanced shock absorber technology available today.

Set your Tokico Illumina Shocks to position 1 for soft dampening force and a smooth street feel. Take it up to position 5 for the stiffest response and race-quality handling. Or go anywhere in between to find the damping and compression that works for you. All you need to set your Tokico Illumina Shocks is a screwdriver, making adjustment fast and easy. Shutter-valve detents make the adjusting screw "click" into place so you know exactly what setting you've chosen.

Your Tokico Illumina Shock Absorbers are custom-designed to your exact vehicle for optimized performance and fit. They're built for race-worthy durability - So much so that Tokico Illuminas are used by Steeda, a nationally known Mustang tuner, on their drag race and road race cars. Plus, they're backed with a Lifetime Warranty, so you know you can count on Tokico to provide durable, sophisticated shock performance. Sold individually.