Set your ride up with the ultimate in performance suspension. The Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit matches versatile high-performance shocks with a set of quality lowering springs for race-worthy handling and tire adhesion. With the Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit on your ride, you'll be craving corners like never before.

The Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit begins with four Tokico Illumina Shocks. These premium shocks feature a 5-way adjustable design that lets you dial in the perfect amount of compression for any driving situation, road or race. Set the Illuminas to position 1 for a smooth highway feel or turn it up to 5 for firm, responsive cornering. Their multi-stage variable-aperture piston and valve system simultaneously adjusts rebound and compression damping. Each position "clicks" into place so you know exactly what compression you've selected.

Tokico pairs your Illumina Shocks with the perfect set of Sport Lowering Springs. The spring rates of the coil springs are specifically chosen to match the shocks and vice versa, assuring you maximum performance. There's none of the guesswork you would normally have to do putting together different shocks and springs. The result of this combination is vastly improved cornering, smoother ride feel, and race-worthy handling.

Your Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit is built to last, and is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.