When it comes to cooling your engine's fluids, it's all about getting ample airflow across the tubes and fins. That's why the Derale Electra-Cool Remote-Mount Oil Cooler comes loaded with a heavy-duty 650 CFM reversible electric Tornado fan to drive tons of cool air to the cooler core. The Electra-Cool is recommended for cooling your engine oil, power steering, transmission, or fuel.

The Derale Electra-Cool Cooler mounts anywhere space permits under the hood. Choose between the standard 8-pass cooler core or the 16-pass core for extra heat dispersion. Both models include two brass hose barb fittings. Clear anodized aluminum brackets hold the Derale Electra-Cool in place and stand up to rust and corrosion.

Keep your vital fluids cool with the Derale Electra-Cool Oil Cooler for great performance and a longer life for your components. Backed with a 1 Year Warranty.