Cover up your truck bed and give it high-quality looks with the Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover. Access assembled their best materials and designs for the Limited Edition, including black anodized all-aluminum construction, a tough tarp, and easy installation and use. It all makes for one durable, convenient, and great-looking tonneau cover.

The Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover is built to last, thanks to a tough double-coated vinyl fabric tarp. It's UV-treated to resist the harsh summer sun and stays flexible in temperatures as low as 40 below zero. The Limited Edition Tonneau Cover's tubular bows hold up to heavy snow piles, even up in the mountains. It requires only 45 minutes to install and use, mounting with 8 tie-down-style clamps, and is compatible with most bed caps, bed rails, under-rail bed liners, tailgate protectors, and tie downs. Setting the perfect tension is as simple as turning the dials on the Access EZ-DIAL XT Tension Adjusters. Automatic spring-loaded slide locks secure both sides of the tonneau cover when closed, and when you roll it open the tarp holds to the cab with quick-release straps. The Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover closes up with an easy, reliable hook-and-loop sealing system - no snaps, tracks or hinges to break or collect debris.

Keep your truck bed and your cargo safe and protected from the elements with the Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover. Your custom-designed Access Tonneau Cover is backed with a Premium Warranty, which covers every component as long as it's installed on your truck.