Here it is - the ultimate cargo carrier and truck toolbox for your BakFlip-equipped pickup truck. The BAK BakBox 2 Toolbox is super-strong, secure, collapsible, and simple to install. The Bak Box is built with the same great quality in materials and workmanship you expect from BAK Industries.

The BAK BakBox 2 Truck Toolbox assembles instantly and mounts just below the rails of your BakFlip or Roll-X Tonneau Cover - just hang the box and hit the road. This BakFlip Toolbox is also detachable and removes from the rails quickly, so you can take your gear straight to the work site, ball game, or picnic, or remove the box when you need greater clearance in your truck bed.

The BakFlip Storage Box is as secure and strong as it is convenient. It's built from the same super-durable panels as the BakFlip for time tested strength. The panel cores are made from waterproof EPS polystyrene that insulates the box. You can even add ice to the BakBox 2 and use it as a cooler. The BAK BakBox 2 truck toolbox has no lid - rather, it uses the panels of your water-tight BakFlip Tonneau Cover to keep the elements out. Because it mounts under the BakFlip rails, the BakBox 2 tonneau toolbox is completely hidden from view and secure when the tonneau is closed, not to mention as water-tight as possible. The BakBox 2 Tonneau Toolbox supports up to 200 pounds within, for all of your heavy gear.

The BAK BakBox 2 storage box also includes trays that let you manage cargo like tape measures, screws, and other smaller items. The trays slide from side to side to stay out of the way of your larger cargo. The BakBox 2 cargo box measures 11" deep by 10" wide and is up to 65 inches long, giving you plenty of room for whatever tools and cargo you need to carry.

Make your BakFlip-equipped pickup even more versatile and convenient with the amazing new BakBox 2 Storage Box! Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.